Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paddling into the sunset Kevin nears the finish of the first lap and circumnavigation of Manhattan Island

6:25pm - Kevin has successfuly paddled the Harlem River and he is now re-rentering the Hudson. What a great sight to watch him duck under the bridge. He waits for an oncoming train to pass below. Tim Johnson, a local tidal and current expert, congratulates Kevin on making good time.

6:55pm - Kevin takes a break after paddling under the George Washington Bridge. A chase boat, carrying Kevin's sister Cindy Bushnell, pulls alongside Kevin so he can take a short rest. Kevin never leaves his craft. This marks Kevin's first break after 5.5 hours of paddling. What a beautiful backdrop with the George Washington Bridge and the little red lighthouse adjacent to it.

7:15pm - Kevin passes the second chase boat and exclaims, "I'm feeling good. Its nice to have the tide running with me."

8pm - Kevin hugs the shoreline of the West Side Highway near the 95th Street exit. Joggers and bicyclists pass him in either direction and its seems perfectly normal for a person to be standing on a surfboard paddling. Little do they know Kevin is standing on that board and paddling for 24 hours straight. Kevin shouts out to the chase boat, "the warm up lap is almost over and I'm ready for the real thing."

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