Thursday, July 2, 2009

Follow Kevin's Journey

Its currently 5:35pm and Kevin is entering the Harlem River. The afternoon has proved exciting. Kevin's journey started at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum at 1:30pm where he was followed by two chase boats -- one with family and the other with the New York Press photographing his every move. People waved and shouted to Kevin as he passed the Battery Park Esplanade. New Yorkers have seen a lot of things but never a man standing on a surf board paddling on the Hudson River.

Watching Kevin paddle past the Statue of Liberty was a spectacular sight. The sky turned dark and grey but Kevin didn't seem to care. He kept paddling past the Southern tip of Manhattan and kept a lookout for the Staten Island Ferry and other boat traffic. Then the sky opened up just as Kevin paddled under the Brooklyn Bridge. The press took for cover but Kevin appeared to enjoy the refreshing downpour. Miraculously the rain stopped as Kevin emerged under the Williamsburg Bridge.

Kevin waved goodbye to the press, wearing his Shake-A-Leg Miami hat, at 4:15pm. The press crew was dropped off by 135th Street on the dock adjacent to the F Dawson, Port of New York, tugboat. He continued past the new and old Yankee Stadium towards the Harlem River.

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