Friday, July 3, 2009

The Crew

Kevin's crew and community made his dream possible. It was only one week ago that Kevin's brother, Harry Horgan, reached out to Kevin to ask him to help with fundraising for Shake-A-Leg Miami. Kevin's idea for the Waterman Manhattan Circumnavigation Paddle was envisioned. Kevin's motto, "Don't think. Paddle." helped energize the cause.
Kevin's company, BTIG, headquartered in New York City, was extremely supportive. Additional support came from his family and his friends in Montauk New York. Chuck Weimar, a longtime friend, met Kevin in Indonesia on a surfing trip. Chuck lives in Montauk and catches up with Kevin in Hawaii on surf trips. He is a commercial fisherman and his company is Rianda S Fisheries. Chuck also paddles and last year he completed a one lap circumnavigation of Manhattan with the organization Sea Paddle NYC. The organization completes a one lap, twenty-eight mile, challenge circumnavigating Manhattan, to raise money for autism. Kevin is the first to complete a three lap circumnavigation. Chuck captained one of the chase boats and commented on Kevin's journey, "It was a pretty normal day for Kevin. He puts his mind to something and he accomplishes it. He's as strong mentally as physically."

Chuck's neighbor in Montauk, Debbie Kuntz, lent Chuck her power boat to serve as a chase boat for the Waterman Challenge. Chuck's girlfriend Jean Ferraro helped Debbie prep the boat and made sandwiches for the crew. Chuck's son Charlie and his grandson Chaz III along with Ritchie Thompson also helped prepare the boat for its trip from Montauk to New York City to meet Kevin and company. Also, Eddy Berrang, Chuck's nephew helped immensely with his efforts on the escort boat.

Another paddler, Dorian Boyle, came through with a second chase boat, Typhoon. Dorian Boyle is a Board Member of Sea Surfers Environmental Alliance. She has previously organized Sea Paddle NYC and she has paddled in the previous two events marking a one lap or 28 mile circumnavigation of Manhattan.

Stu Foley, owner of Air & Speed Board Shop in Montauk were generous enough to lend Kevin the stand up Paddle Board.

John Muir made the operation run flawlessly. He is the idea man with a creative solution to everything.

Cindy Bushnell, Kevin and Harry's sister, has always shared a strong bond with her brothers. Like Harry, Cindy followed Kevin from the chase boat throughout the night. She joked that at 10pm she called her parents in Newport, Rhode Island. She asked them, "It's 10 o'clock. Do you know where your son is?" They replied, "So, where is he? We were worried because of the weather report..." Luckily, all three siblings were just fine...sharing a beautiful night together exploring the New York waterway.

Harry Horgan, Kevin's brother and founder of Shake-A-Leg Miami, reflects on the Waterman Challenge and the significance of his brother's journey:

"As we celebrate the 4th of July, freedom comes at a cost. Sacrifice, hard work, and courage - all the qualities that makes freedom possible. Kevin embodies all that. He did this to raise awareness of the power of water and to step up to use Shake-A-Leg Miami to empower those less fortunate. Kevin did this for all of us to improve our lives especially those living with disabilities."

Please donate to Shake-A-Leg Miami. To learn more about Shake-A-Leg Miami and Kevin Horgan's Waterman Challenge go to

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