Thursday, July 2, 2009

Kevin completes first lap

8:45pm - Kevin celebrates the first lap and circumnavigation of Manhattan Island. He raises his paddle in triumph as he finishes off the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Kevin exclaims while taking a short break on the chase boat, "Warm up lap is done. I feel good. Harlem is hard but now I've got my rhythm."

The Horgan brothers have a conference call with Tim Johnson - the local expert on the current and tides. "We're heading back to Harlem," Kevin concludes as he speaks with Tim on the phone. Kevin will start his second lap by returning the way he came. He decided to take this route because either way he had to paddle into the current. He preferred to combat the 2 knot head current on the Hudson River rather than the 4 knot current along the East River.

According to Tim Johnson, "He's doing it Soprano style. He just did the bada-bing and now he's doing the bada-boom."

Please stay tuned for more coverage of Kevin's journey.

A special thanks to the US Coast Guard for their ongoing support of Kevin's mission. They are our big brother on the New York waters. Michael Fortebaugh, Commodore of the Manhattan Sailing Club, has also provided support and dockage at the North Cove Marina.

To learn more about Shake-A-Leg Miami and Kevin Horgan’s Waterman Challenge go to Please join the Waterman Manhattan challenge. Kevin has worked hard, perservered and is determined to raise funds to make disabled sailing not just a dream but a reality. Thank you for supporting this great cause.

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